Monday, July 13, 2015

A New Secret Project

Because I don't have anything else going on. LOL. Seriously, this new idea has been in the back of my mind for a while though.

It was more of a "Wouldn't it be cool to..."

That's as far as it went. There was no planning, no talking to the person I wanted to do it with. Nothing.

However, last week I was chatting with Beth Fred and the idea slipped out. Perhaps I didn't really think she'd be interested, or maybe my brain was telling me that I needed to take a risk.

We are now planning a clean romance anthology. We'll keep some of the details secret a bit longer--like who has signed on to participate. Since the romance genre is out of my wheelhouse, I have to mention how amazing Beth has been! She's taken my idea and run with it. Pulling in other people that will make this a success.

I'm excited, scared and all kinds of crazy nerves inside. I'll post more about this on the next IWSG day. Until then, here are some photo clues for the anthology.