Friday, July 17, 2015

Birth of a Novel July 17th

Week 6

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I don't know why I'm even counting weeks any more. Life has exploded and writing is at a dead stop. *sigh*

We are closing on our new home at the end of this month so I'll need to start packing at some point. Although we're not in a big hurry since we haven't sold our old one, and the new one needs some renovating. The stress is probably going to kill me since I'm not sleeping. 

Sleep is good you know.

Anyway, I keep day dreaming about my stories as I drive all over kingdom come, but none of it is getting on the page. I NEED it on the page. 

Taking notes during the tour.
There were two good writing related things this week. First, I enjoyed a full day visiting a nearby
town that will become the setting for my secret project. My mom and oldest daughter went with me and we didn't worry about when we should go home. It was great! Even though it was so hot that we practically melted, we loved the historic tour. Plus, it was so good to actually be in some of the places I want to use in the story. Now I know what they look like, smell like and how some of the floors are uneven or slant one way or the other. Hopefully, those little details will help the story come alive for my readers.

The second thing was I heard back from my publisher about Talia's sequel. It was good news, and I'll give you more details when they are all official. The downside to that is now I REALLY wish I'd been writing for the last two weeks on book three of that series. It feels like I'm never going to catch up with my personal goals. 

Any of you have a basement? I'd like to run away for a week where my family can't find me and write.

No stats this week since they didn't change at all. :(

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