Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June IWSG--Tip-toe With the Muse

Most of the Greek Muses have to do with music, dance, history, and various types of poetry. Since I write science fiction, I'll claim Urania as my Muse.

After months of not feeling inspired to write, I feel like I'm back! I owe it all to my wonderful writer's group. Several weeks ago I gave in and took my new first chapter. I'd been playing around with a story they'd already heard the start of. For some reason, I didn't feel I could keep writing the story until I really nailed that first chapter. Usually I write and then come back and rewrite that chapter 100 times. Maybe this means I'm finally growing as a writer?

Anyway, I had taken their comments from almost 5 months earlier and wrote a new first chapter for the story. I'll be honest and say my confidence was basement level when I started reading out loud. Would they like it? Did I finally find my character's voice? Was this enough to pull readers in?

When I finished there was silence. Then it went sort of like this.

Me: Well?
Tamara: That was amazing. This is a story I want more of.

That's all it took to have my Muse slinking up beside me ready to work. I value Tamara's opinion. She's never reacted so strongly or positively to any of my work before now. It gave me hope. Ever since then, I've been working on the story whenever I can. It's not a lot of time yet, but bits here and there are adding up. I'm in love with my characters. I hurt for their struggles. I'm allowing myself to write the story without boxing myself in. When it's all said and done, I hope readers will feel this story the way I have. Hope, fear, anger, and forgiveness. All set on a galactic scale!

I guess my words of encouragement for this month would be this. No matter how long your writing has been "off," don't give up. Keep trying. Keep putting yourself out there and one day something will light that spark again. It's so worth the wait!

Goals for June:

  • Survive a pioneer re-enactment with youth from church next week (There will be pictures!)
  • Finish the draft of Talia's third book (working title: Demon Rising) while attending a writer's retreat
  • Continue writing Eleena's story mentioned in the pos

Goals for the rest of 2016:

  • Finish both drafts--Demon Rising and Eleena's story (working title: Empire Rebooted)
  • Begin revisions on Demon Rising this fall and submit to my publisher

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