Thursday, February 18, 2010

Character Interview--Talia Shannon

I thought it would be nice to interview some of my MC's from my WIP--Sendek (working title, subject to change). Below is the result of an interview with Talia Shannon, taken before she meets her love interest and right before all the action kicks in to high gear. This was one of the most enjoyable conversations I've had all day. :)

Character Theme Song--Stand My Ground by Within Temptation. It is perfect for Talia.  
Official video can be found here. Below is a live performance,

If No One Will Listen by Kelly Clarkson. This song would actually be sung to Talia by Landry, but whenever I hear it I think of her life and the challenges in front of her. Now that I think about it, Kelly kind of looks like Talia in this photo. Just add violet eyes, a stronger jaw line, and a haunted look, but the hair is the right color.

Let's ask the tough questions first. Does it bother you that you look so different from everyone else on Sendek? I mean, does it creep you out to see those eyes staring back at you from your mirror?
No, does it bother you that you look different from everyone else?

Of course not, but I have dark brown hair and brown eyes like everyone else I know. You, however, have the strangest eyes I've ever seen.
*sigh* Believe it or not, I happen to love my eyes. Yes they are a different color than most eyes, but I have met other people with blue, green or gray eyes. We were just lucky enough to get two recessive genes. That's all.

Have you ever met anyone else with violet eyes?
No. Can we move to another question, perhaps about my career?

First, how would you describe yourself?
Intelligent, strong willed, independent and stubborn. I'm very good at my job and my peers respect me.

I don't doubt for a moment that they respect you, but do they like you?
I suppose so. I don't really understand what you are asking. We work well together and I have not had any problems.

What I mean is, do you get invited to their parties, their weddings, etc. Do you have a close group of friends to hang out with?
Um, no, but as you know, I travel a lot for my work. Rarely do I stay in one place longer than a year of two, and most places are just a few months. There really isn't time to develop close relationships.

How can you live that way? Surely they would let you stay in one place if you wanted to?
They probably would, but I like to travel. I'm not comfortable with relationships, and constant moving gives me a reason to keep everyone at arm's length, if you will.

You have no family is that correct?
No, my father died when I was about eleven and my mom when I was sixteen. I lived with my brother for a while after that, but he died when I was nineteen. Sometimes I wish I had more family, but mostly I'm glad that there is no one to hurt or leave behind when I die.

Are you afraid of death?
Isn't everyone?

Do you think you will die young?
Not if I can help it. My work has a purpose. Eventually, I will learn where the creatures from my dreams come from, or at least find a way to leave Sendek before they arrive. I won't let them kill me without doing everything I can to prevent it.
Why do you hide your magical talent from the world? Are you afraid of it?
I don't know what you are talking about.
Come on. Ok, hypothetically speaking, you have unique magical talents that allow you to heal yourself among other things, such as prophetic dreams about demon aliens. Why don't you share those with the rest of the world?
Ok, let's forget about the dreaming. You would have to be of unsound mind to believe your dreams meant something. So, let's move to the healing. If, I did have a talent of that nature, which of course I don't, I would keep it secret for one very important reason. Research. Think about it. If someone could heal themselves, wouldn't you want to know how? Every medical researcher on the planet would be fighting over tissue samples. By the time they were finished there would be nothing left of that poor individual.
But if "you" could heal yourself why would it matter how many tissue samples you gave away?
Two reasons--what kind of life would that be, and no one can heal indefinitely. There is a limit even to magic. Let's move on please. I need to meet with the Royalist General in a very short time.
Yes, I heard that you were working on the moon colony simulations for them. I just have one last question for you. What is your greatest fear? Be honest with yourself.
*a long pause* Dying alone, never knowing what it feels like to love the way I loved my family. That was taken from me and I haven't let anyone in since. It would hurt to much to lose it again, so *shrugs while fingering an amethyst necklace hanging around her neck* I just keep moving. Well, it has been nice, but I need to go. I want to finish this project quickly so I can leave this city.

This is another picture that is almost exactly how I see Talia in my mind.

Emily Deschanel from Bones. Isn't she beautiful!