Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poll--please help me out.

I finally started revisions on Sendek this morning. The great people on Hatrack critiqued my first 13 lines a month or so ago, and I finally had the nerve to make changes. The story is currently at 84,000 words and I know that is hits a point where things speed along (almost too quickly) to the end, but the beginning has a lot of character introduction and so forth. This is normal, but I'm trying to find a better balance. More tension in the beginning and a few scenes to slow things down at the end.

Here is my question for you. When you pick up a book, how do you decide to read it and how long do you give it to pull you in? Please answer in the poll to the right, and feel free to leave a comment with more explanation or other choice. :)

I am a very forgiving reader and have finished poorly written books along with the good ones. However, I only reread and buy the ones I love. I choose books by the brief scene on the covers. If that doesn't catch my interest I keep moving along the shelves. There have been some books that I just could not get into and never finished. I realized that I quit within the first two chapers of every book that I gave up on. So, if you are writing a book, make it good fast. That is what I am trying to do as well. It is good advice to write a book that you yourself would want to read, and keep reading until the end.

I can't wait to hear your responses!