Monday, February 8, 2010

Thoughts from last week...and one from Jackie O.

Wow, I think I've been silent for almost a week. That is pretty good for me. Instead of reading online and posting blogs, I concentrated on actually writing last week. Just a few little exercises to get myself going again. Talia and Landry have fallen silent. I guess they think since I have their whole story on paper now that I no longer need their help. Do they not know how much work is left to do?

I wrote some flash fiction last week, and I worked on my scene for the Blogfest coming up on the 14th. It is a lot harder to work on that one little blogfest scene than I thought it would be. I am finding that I need to know the whole story behind the scene. Who are these characters? How did they meet? Why are they attracted to each other? How would they act or react to the situation I am putting them in? The good news is that I am using this exercise to get started on another book idea that I thought would be fun. Maybe that is why Talia is so quiet, she's pouting about me spending so much time with Esther.

I also came across a quote from Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis that I loved last week. It is from something she wrote when working as a literary editor.
Writing helps you to express your deepest feelings. Once you can express yourself you can tell the world what you want from it or how you would like to change it. All the changes in the world, for good or evil, were first brought about by words.  --1980
When I read the above words I thought about what it is that I really want from the world. I feel insignificant and incapable of changing THE WORLD, but what about my own little world that I live in every day?

I do write in order to come to an understanding about my own emotions, hopes and desires. My husband hates it when I write him letters (you know the "you hurt my feelings" kind. He likes love letters), but when I write I can take the time to delve deep into my psyche. When I try to verbalize my emotions I make a really big mess of things. It is hard to take it back once it is said, but when you write you can always edit and revise until you get down to the kernel of truth you were seeking for.

What do I want from my world? Understanding, love, acceptance, cooperation, friendship, romance, silliness. What do you want from your world and how does it slip into your writing?