Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Write or Die

I found a new toy online to help me write. Specifically, to help me keep writing freely and not give in to the crazy editor living in my skull. Sometimes it is helpful to just write a story without stopping to analyze what you've written. By moving ahead it is easier to find the voice of your characters and the flow of the story can take some amazing twists and turns. Not all of them will work and will be cut when the revising begins. However, free writing may take your story in a direction you never dreamed of, and you might like it better than what you planned.

The site is Write or Die by Dr. Wicked. You choose either a word count or time limit, and the level of consequences and grace period. I tried 15 minutes Normal mode with strict grace period. If I stopped typing I only had a few seconds before the background turned pink, darkening to red and started flashing at me. As soon as I started typing again it stopped. A visual prompt to keep typing was wonderful! It worked for me and it might work for you. 402 words in 18 minutes (I had to push pause when the phone rang--you can only do this once per session). When you are finished you simply cut and paste it into Microsoft Word, or whatever you use, and start revising.

Today I used it to write on my Love at first site blogfest scene. I think it is finally taking shape, which is good since I only have 4 days left!