Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Music for Wednesday

This is going to be a crazy busy week. Tomorrow we take a 8 hour drive just so we can run 13.1 miles on Saturday. Luckily, it is in our hometown so we also get to visit with our families. We are all excited for the weekend. I don't know if you want to follow me during the race, but if you do, you can go to Competitor Wireless and choose Country Music Marathon and 1/2 Marathon--2010 and put in my name--Charity Bradford. It will send updates to your phone every time I pass one of their check points with where I am and my time. Unfortunately, it is only for US cell services at this time.

Ok, back to blogging business. This was supposed to be my dance video day. There was a change of plans, so, now my goal is to get it taped and posted by Monday. I need to record it at least before the race while I can still move. :)

Instead, today I'm going to share more music. When I first heard these songs, the story or emotion behind them hit me hard. I think we can learn a lot about story building listening to the songs that WORK. You know, really work.

This first song has great emotion in it. It starts slow, a little sad feeling, but builds as the hope grows and at the end is the WAKING UP moment as he remembers what living is about. I give you Hello World by Lady Antebellum, written by Tom Douglas, Tony Lane and David Lee. (Thought I should give props to the writers behind the song)

Sometimes I feel cold as steel, and broken like I'm never gonna heal.

Ok, I promise, no more Lady A, but I love em! The next song is just a personal favorite, has been for a long time. I just love the raw emotions that flow throughout. I hope one day my writing can be as clear as this.