Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daydreaming: Good or Bad?

Today is the Internal Conflict Blogfest over at Alliterative Allomorphs Blog. I just couldn't participate. I'm almost fested out! But don't worry, I've been working on revisions instead. I only have 4 weeks or so until the kids are out of school. My big goal is to be finished so I can send out my queries as summer vacations starts. The idea being my kids will keep me busy so I won't be a basket case waiting for rejections. :) And now for today's post.
Written on a rainy day and saved for a day like today. :) Photo found Here.

Ok, so I caught myself daydreaming today. I took a break from revising to step outside and move the newly emptied trash can from the front yard to the back. (very picky home owners association) Anyway, a light drizzle cooled me as I checked the mail too.

Before I realized it, I was thinking about what it would be like to get a box of ARCs delivered to my door. I made a mental list of people I would send one too. They are spread over the continental US and one over the sea. (waves, you know who you are!) Their faces were clear in my mind as I envisioned their excitement as they held my book in their hands. I smiled to myself and then heard the following conversation in my head.

“Wait! You haven’t even queried. There will be years of rejection before that happens.” (I hope not years maybe just months?)

“Shut up, I’m just dreaming, what’s wrong with that?”

“Because reality is not as easy as that, and you’re setting yourself up to get hurt.”

“I don’t think so. Even if it never happens, it made me smile today and now I’m ready to continue revising.”

What makes you smile today, and helps you keep writing/revising/sending query letters? Is it enough to smile today?
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My answers? Strictly writing related:
  • Daydreaming makes me smile.
  • Reading my favorite scenes in my wip makes me smile.
  • Having an "aha!" moment when I figure out how to fix a problem sentence keeps me revising.
  • Reading a book that I can't BELIEVE got published gives me hope for the query process. I mean come on, my novel is way better than what I just read, and they got published. 

And, it is enough to smile today. That doesn't mean I don't hope to smile in the future when dreams come true. Today I'm happy to be on the journey making new friends, wherever it takes me in the end.

Oh, and when that box does show up on my door, I'm gonna cry my eyes out while wearing the biggest smile of my life.