Monday, May 10, 2010

Deleted Scenes Blogfest

My really good friend Mia is hosting the Deleted Scenes Blogfest. I confess, I goofed up the instructions a bit. I totally skipped over the word HUMOROUS. I'm afraid I'm not that funny except for when I'm not trying to be, which is never a good thing. But I did write a scene that I wished were in one of my favorite books.

I chose The Host by Stephanie Meyer. Yeah, I know, but I really do love this book, and she uses more passive voice than I do! Spoilers if you haven't read the book, so read at your own risk.

Ian is my favorite character after Wanda. I loved that he symbolized the best of humanity--kindness, tolerance, the ability to love the soul without being blinded by the body, gentle, strong. You get the idea. Anyway, I was disappointed that Stephanie has Jared save Wanda with no mention of Ian being there. I don't believe he would have slept through her leaving. He loved her too much. So, I wrote him into the scene. Jared is still the spotlight guy because I didn't want to change what Stephanie wrote. I simply wanted Ian's quiet strength and clear thinking present at the same time. (I can read chapter 56 over and over. Especially pg 575.) So, enough rambling, here is my deleted scene.

Ian realized Wanda was gone before he opened his eyes. Panic coursed through him as he sat up and looked around his small room. Her words earlier had been a goodbye. His hand brushed the spot where she had lain and found it still warm. He rolled to standing and raced through the door, hoping it wasn’t too late.

He hurried through the dark, heading for the southern tunnel and Doc’s infirmary. He wouldn’t let her leave without a fight. A thought tickled the back of his mind. Something Wanda said during the tribunal, but he couldn’t concentrate while worrying about losing her.

When he reached the midway point of the tunnel he ran into Jared. The impact sent them both sprawling on the ground.

“Jared, what are you doing here?” Ian’s voice was hard. “Did you escort her to the Doc?”

“Get off me O’Shea.” Jared pushed Ian off and clamored to his feet. “No, I didn’t. She came on her own and asked me to stay out.”

Ian felt the tightness in his chest and her words finally registered in his mind. “She wouldn’t let you come in?”

“No, said she wanted to do it alone and said Doc would come get me when it was over.”

It clicked into place, and he understood the look that passed between Wanda and Doc at the tribunal. Ian’s blood turned cold and he pushed past Jared to run the rest of the way. Jared grabbed his arm and tried to stop him.

“Ian, it’s what she wants. Let her go back to the flowers. Let Mel come back to us.” His voice sounded strong and persuasive, but Ian tried to shake him off.

“She has no intention of leaving earth.” Ian continued down the tunnel pulling Jared with him.


“She plans on dying here. Let me go!” Ian charged forward as Jared released his arm. He could hear his footsteps following.

“Why? That’s not necessary.”

“She said she was tired of being a parasite. That was the one truth in the whole conversation.”

The two men reached the infirmary and saw the Doc sitting beside Melanie’s body holding Wanda’s silvery form in his hands. Tears ran down his face as he talked to her. He looked up as they rushed in. Ian reached for a cryotank, automatically powering it up.

“Doc, what are you doing?” Jared glanced at Mel but rushed to Doc’s side, knowing she would want him to save Wanda.

“She made me promise, Jared.” Doc's voice was barely audible.

Jared pulled out his knife and wrapped his arms around the Doc’s neck until the blade rested against his throat. “We aren’t going to let her go like that. Just slide her into the cryotank, Doc.”

Ian had it open and held it out to the Doc. His eyes burned, his lips pressed into tight lines. He watched the small form twitching and undulating. “Doc, please, she’s in pain.”

“But I promised.” 

Jared tightened his grip. “Do it now Doc, I know you don’t want her to die. Give us a chance to find another solution.”

Doc sighed and gently slid Wanda into the cryotank. Ian sealed it and made sure everything was lit properly before breathing again. He sagged into the only other chair in the room and hugged the tank to his chest.