Monday, May 31, 2010

Quick update

I promised my hubby I would not spend the day with my computer. No, I am going to hang out at the pool all day with my lovely family and get sunburned. It will be lovely! We have a great pool in our neighborhood--complete with diving board and 80 foot waterslide. Life guards make it possible for me to watch the 3 year old without worrying about the other three kiddos.

(Slide was cut off, but is on the right, see the ropes to separate where you come off it from the rest of the pool? I'm here after hours because as editor of the neighborhood newsletter I'm cool like that. ;)

Memorial day is a big social event for our neighborhood. There are pool games, races, diving contests, lots of food and treats. I can't wait! But, since I promised to not blog I have to keep this short. (I actually woke at 6 am to get my run in and I'm writing this while everyone is still sleeping in). I'll do a goal report today, and then tell you all about my camping trip on Wednesday. There are some beautiful pictures to help me tell the story--which will of course relate back to writing. Why? Because gosh darn it, even hiking through the woods I was thinking about this writing journey.

Last Week's Goals:
Whoa! I don't think I set any last week. What's up with that? And guess what? I didn't do a whole lot. Funny how that works. I did continue some revisions, but didn't finish like I had planned.

Here is where I'm at in my WIP SENDEK: revisions--I'm on page 296 of 298.
So, why didn't I finish? Because I need to add a bit to the last scene. These last 2 pages are all telling. It feels like a rush to be done, but this is where I set everything up for the next book. I need to slow down and really think this scene through. So, I'm mulling again.

This Week's Goals:
  1. Mull the counsel scene and finish this round of revisions.
  2. Cut summary down from 5 pages to 3.
I'm keeping it simple because I have a lot of real life living to do the next two weeks.

How are you coming with your goals?