Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is it really Wednesday?

Wow! The first day of school is finally here. I admit, I didn't sleep much last night. The excitement of getting back to a schedule and back to "work" had me tossing and turning. Here's what the night looked like:

7-8:30pm--took kids to church activities. (During this time I made copies and prepared my seminary lesson.)
Drive home, stop at friend's house to look at a desk.
9pm--get home, put kids in bed and start making homemade cinnamon rolls. Yeah, I'm crazy like that.
9:20pm--I sit and wait for the rolls to rise so I can bake them. I waste time online, don't remember what I did. I really don't. Probably Facebook games.
10:30pm--put the rolls in to bake, start watching Law and Order with my hubby.
11pm--clean kitchen, put rolls away so they stay soft. Watch more Law and Order
12am--go to bed. Toss and turn until after 1am.
4:45am--wake, shower, make glaze, forget to eat, head to church for the first day of class at 6am.
6am-7am--class with the awesome teens from church.
7:20am--head home to wake kids and get them to school.
8:30am--finally home to stay. My 3 year old pulls out his paint and crayons and demands we have his school. I sneak a bite to eat because I'm STARVING!
9:30am--"school" is over and Bob the Builder is playing on netflix
9:35am--check twitter, check market street game on facebook, write a quick and pointless blog post because it's Wednesday. :)

The lack of sleep is hitting me. Right. Now. Must take NAP. Real writing related posts will start next week. I promise!