Monday, August 23, 2010

My 1st Form Rejection...

...on a small scale. I finally heard back from the other piece of flash fiction I submitted way back in April.  Here is what I received:

Thank you for your submission to Flash Fiction Online. Unfortunately, I'm going to pass on "Online."

Tastes vary by market, of course. We wish you the best in placing this story.

Sabrina West
Associate Editor
Flash Fiction Online
This is what I read:
I hated it. You suck, but someone else with lesser taste might look at it.
And then I clicked delete and felt better. I hope they're all this easy. I know they won't be. Online was a little exercise, not years of thought and hard work.  The characters never dominated my time, so I'm not surprised they didn't pull anyone else in.

In more exciting news, I was interviewed over at Critique This WIP. Head over and check it out!