Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Writing the end through tears

This post is straight journaling for my benefit. Feel free not to read, but you're welcome to a glimpse inside my day if you want.

Today I figured out the end of my four book series. I was driving to the school to sit in the carpool line when it hit me. Out. Of. Nowhere.
I wasn't even thinking about my story when it hit me hard. And I burst into tears. Sobbing, air gulping, hand over mouth tears. While I am trying to drive. It was so horribly sad and happy, and hopeful all at the same time. It literally ripped  my heart out thinking about the scene playing out in my mind.

It won't mean anything to anyone else right now since I'm currently writing book 2 and lots of stuff still needs to happen, but this would be the song playing with the closing credits (if it were a movie, or if books came with closing credits and theme songs)

Kathy, if you stopped by, does it make sense now? And will you ever forgive me for doing so many unspeakable things to my beloved characters?