Thursday, December 9, 2010

Male or Female?

I pasted my entire book into the Gender Genie. This is what it says about me.
Words: 84232

Female Score: 103938
Male Score: 110220
The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!
Um, I beg to differ. Although I think this is a bit weird, in a way this could be a good thing. There has been some discussion in the blogosphere (See Tawna's post) on writing to a specific audience. Since she writes romance, she wondered if any of her male blog readers would be reading her debut novel. I simply wonder if I'll be able to sell my book in a predominantly male science fiction world.

I'll mention here what I did on her blog. I do not believe it when they say mostly men read sci fi. I've always read sci-fi and I'm sure there are lots of other women out there who love it as much as I do. My goal with my writing has always been to write a book that will be appealing to all kinds of readers. Yeah, I know, not a good marketing plan in that statement. The real goal sounds even worse--write science fiction that my friends would fall in love with because none of them like sci fi.

The truth is that I never think about the author when I read a good book, or care if they are male or female. I don't want my readers thinking about me while they read my book.

Wait, I think I wondered off task. Anyway, my score is only slightly toward the male side. Perhaps that means my work WILL appeal to both sexes? Yeah, that's how I choose to look at that.

*wanders off to investigate something shiny that smells like chocolate*