Friday, February 4, 2011

What dreams may come...

Quick Note: You want to come by on Monday for an exciting announcement. Rosie Connolly and I are getting some fun together, and you don't want to miss out on it! 

Well, Friday is dripping by here in the South. My yard is a swamp, it's cold and I just want to curl up on the couch and watch Dr. Who all day. Oh, wait, that's what I've been doing. :) It's been lovely too. My four year old snuggled under the blanket with me wearing his Dr. Who PJs.

But, it's Friday and I wanted to at least drop in and say hi. Last night I  had an excellent idea for a post today. Unfortunately, it came at the last conscious moment before sleep. I couldn't get up to write it down if I wanted too, and now it is lost forever, trapped somewhere between the synapses of my brain. Oh, well.

Anyway, I'm going to share a bizarre dream I had yesterday instead. Sleep deprivation caught up with me and I took a 2 1/2 hour nap in the middle of the day. Another lovely moment (or several) of the week. While sleeping I dreamed I was with my family in a, well one of THOSE places. You know the ones that represent several places all at once without being any of them?

It was a library, my house, bookstore, and possibly a mall or law firm--not sure. My kids were being rowdy and I wanted to hide. I found this nook and lay down out of sight, closing my eyes for a few moments of peace. But then I hear two men arguing somewhere below me. I peek over the partition to a foyer of sorts a story down from where I sit.

"Of, course I don't want to read it! That's why I sent the rejection in the first place. It's awful." He shoves something at the other guy.

"But, Sir, she's here waiting to talk to you."

That's when I KNOW they are talking about me and MY novel. Oh the shame! I lay back down and pretend to sleep so they don't know that I heard them.

Luckily my son woke me up then, but I wondered why that dream. I've never dreamed my rejections before.

Later that day I got a 50 page critique in my in box. And it was a RELIEF! Yes it pointed out lots of problem areas, but that is something I can deal with. If someone can tell me what's wrong then I can work on it. That's why critiques are so important. Otherwise you just stare at something that is so ingrained in your mind that you can't see what's missing from the page.

I've never believed in luck. I believe in hard work and perseverance. Now I have some direction and can get back to work.

Have your subconscious fears reared their ugly head lately? What did you do to quiet them?