Monday, August 1, 2011

I Write Like...

Today is the first day of Girl's Camp. That means a whole week without internet access!!! Hope I survive.

But, I'm not leaving you high and dry. I've scheduled some posts for the week. Enjoy and I'll reply to comments as soon as I get back.

I know you've seen these before, but have you plugged in your writing?

This is what I got when I plugged in Sendek: Arthur Clarke

This one blows my mind because I don't see it. Faerie Wings: William Shakespeare

Then I started plugging in my short stories and got more Arthur Clarke (Continuation, Elina's Tale, Shadows) and these.

Online: Anne Rice

The Chosen (This one also made me excited): Isaac Asimov

It's nice to see that most of my writing falls into the Arthur Clarke category. That makes me feel like his name wasn't a fluke, you know? Now if only I could use that in my query letter.

Dear Agent,

I write like Arthur Clarke. The website says so four out of seven times. He's considered one of the "Big Three"* in science fiction so don't bother to read my book. Just pick up the phone and make that offer.


* For those who don't read science fiction, the Big Three are Robert Heinlein, Issac Asimov, and Arthur Clarke. BTW, I've read and love all these plus: Orson Scott Card (My brother-in-law served part of his mission for our church with Card's son. Wish I was brave enough to use that small connection), Linda Nagata, Larry Niven, and David Gerrold.

In fact, I need to share some of my favorite titles from these authors with you in the next blog post. They are stories that I find myself thinking about years after having read them. Now that's good writing!