Monday, August 22, 2011

Star Trek As We Know IT Blogfest

Ok, I'm really late jumping on this bandwagon, but reading all my fellow bloggers posts made me nostalgic for my Star Trek days. Head over to Ellie's blog to check out all the other Trekkie and Trekker entries.
College fun and games. You can't see it, but I had a cool Bajoran earring.

I grew up watching Star Trek. The original captivated me (I think it was already in reruns) and I had to watch to see what other discoveries the crew would make. When TNG came out I was hooked again. It started a little wobbly, but soon took it's place as my favorite out of all of them.

Top 5 Characters and Episodes:

Captain Picard--He made bald sexy. Calm, confident and always in control. I just loved him and wanted more men like him in my life. He took the time to think things through before jumping into the mess which meant fewer fist fights than Kirk, but that was all right with me.

My all time favorite Picard episode was "Inner Light". Picard lives an entire lifetime in moments and this one made me cry. He finally had a family of his own! And each time he played the flute left in the probe in episodes that came after this one I wanted to cry for him.

Data--Who didn't love Data? Always looking for what it meant to be human and often portraying the best of humanity in the process.

My favorite episode was "The Offspring" where Data becomes a father. Lal was a wonderful character as well and I wish she could have stuck around. This one was a tear jerker for me as well.

Dr. McCoy-- I always loved the way Bones interacted with Spock the most, but my favorite stories about him came from Shadows on the Sun by Jan Friedman.

Since I can't think of a specific episode--let's face it, it's been a long time! Here is a fun tribute I found.

Spock--I loved Spock for a lot of the same reasons I enjoyed Data's character. Luckily, Spock had some fun times when he really let loose! Do we need to talk about Pon Farr?

Here is a clip from "Amok Time". The things we do in the name of love, or something like it.

Q--Oh, how he kept me on the edge of my seat or in stitches. Excellent character for mixing things up. You could tell he really liked Picard and wanted to push him forward with his growth.

I loved ALL the episodes with Q ((Encounter at Farpoint, Hide and Q, Q Who, Deja Q, Qpid, True Q, Tapestry, All Good Things).

Since I didn't list 5 episodes, I'll add "The Best of Both Worlds" parts 1 and 2 to finish that list. They just kicked, you know what I mean