Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm counting hours now...

The kids go back to school tomorrow!

I'm so excited because it means I'll be back on a schedule. And that means WRITING time!

You have no idea how many ideas have come and gone at times when there was no paper or pen to be found! (Ok, you guys probably do know.) And at 11:45PM. Yes. And I've been bad, I didn't get up and jot them down. Oh, the sorrow!

But this week I've been dreaming details into my Fallen Angel story. Figuring out the back story, the motivations, fleshing out the characters, and I've almost figured out where I want to take that little piece I wrote so long ago. Some things will have to change, but I'm getting really excited again.

And you know, that feels really nice. I've missed the joy of just sitting and letting my imagination flow. Escaping into a  new world. That's my favorite part about writing. Trying to find the words to convey the pictures playing out in my head. Isn't it wonderful to have a good working imagination?

How is your writing going? Is it easier for you to write in the fall and winter or do you get more done in the summer?