Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Day of Thanks

It's the night before my day of cooking. I'm curled up in bed writing this post trying to get into my happy mind set before dressing a turkey in the morning. The naked turkey is the only part I don't enjoy of the cooking. It's just so sad somehow.

Anyway,  I wanted to take a moment to share some of the things I'm the most grateful for in my life.

Laughter. Babies laughter, children's laughter, the laughter when you are sitting with your best friends just being silly together. The laughter that takes your breath away and makes your sides and cheeks hurt and your eyes well up with tears. Yep, laughter is good.

Not my shelves, google image.
I am grateful for a good book. Books are some of my best friends. I have favorites that I keep for special occasions--one for when I need to cry, one for laughter, one for romance, a good adventure, you get the idea. I love being able to disappear into another world for a time. It helps me appreciate my world a lot more.

I am grateful for imagination. I feel blessed with a good one, and I've noticed that my children are just as lucky. I love to watch them create games or plays. It is so much healthier than sitting in front of the tv.

I am grateful for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! Do I need to go into detail on this? I don't think so.

I am thankful for sunny days in the winter. There is something about the grey cold days of winter that make me want to hibernate (curl up with a good book on the couch and let the house fall to pieces). But give me a blue sky and sunny day and I wake up once again. I love the way light falls through the branches in our backyard, and through the windows in our house. I will often sit in the living room with my bare toes wiggling in the sunny patch on the floor. No wonder cats love to nap in those coveted places! Sunshine is good for my soul.

I'm thankful for music (all kinds really) but today it is all about Rock n Roll, baby! I may not look like a rock chic, but I love a good rockin' song for almost every occasion. A song with a good driving force behind it is great for running, cleaning house, driving long distances, and just working out frustrations that you don't feel you could voice otherwise. Enough said. :)

I am grateful for a working fireplace. One of my favorite things is to sit and watch the flames while I warm my toes on the hearth. I love the way a wood fire smells and the way the heat comes out and embraces the room.

What are you thankful for today?