Monday, January 30, 2012

Birth of a Novel--February 2012

Last week was crazy busy with family visiting on top of normal hectic life, BUT my writing took an upswing. Not necessarily in word count though.

The Sleeper--I now have a finished first draft of a short story for my Write 1 Sub 1 submission for February (I'm doing the monthy challenge). Now I need to revise/edit, send to crit partners and then revise and send. Current word count: 1567 (no word count goal in mind).

Faerie Wings--Most of the work on this WIP was plotting as opposed to actual writing, but I'm liking the new direction of things. I also continued researching co-dependency and checking to see how it's fitting into the overall story. Current word count: 32,451 (reworked a scene, cut, added part of another scene)

Perhaps the most exciting news from last week is the official start of Eleena of the Stars. She now has research and plotting notes added to her Scrivener file, a morph thing photo, and the first scene of the book written. This story is going to take a long time to write, but I'm excited about it so it will be what I write when I just can't force myself to work on Faerie Wings. Current word count: 671. There will be a snippet of this posted for a blog fest in February.

How is your writing going?