Friday, February 17, 2012

New favorite song?

What a great week this has been! Lots of great blogfests celebrating romance, kisses, and all that jazz. Thanks for all the comments. They gave me lots to think about. I've also been reading Sendek on my Kindle. Wow, there are a lot of typos that I missed! And pronouns that didn't get switched in the POV change. Not having my computer to fix all of those is killing me right now. I tried to open my wip on hubby's computer and it didn't recognize the rtf file. That's how lame (read OLD) it is.

I'm still jotting notes and some scenes for Faerie Wings and Eleena of the Stars in notebooks. Not a lot, but just enough to keep the excitement from dying while I wait for the computer part to come in the mail.

This week signified bonus time for my family. I went wild and bought two new CDs. Yep, I'm a high roller. One of the songs hit me as the perfect end credit song for Faerie Wings if it were ever turned into a major motion picture. I can't tell you all the reasons, but let's just say the line about colors appearing and fading together sealed the deal.

I give you Fade Into Me by David Cook.

And this one would be perfect for the end credits of Eleena of the Stars.
Take Me As I Am also by David Cook.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week!