Friday, March 2, 2012

The Sleep Deprived

Yep. That was me this week. All of the above--except for the guy with his eyes closed. I had all of the "effects" by yesterday and I was desperate for some sleep.

When bed time came, I took 2 melatonin and 2 allergy pills. And it worked. I slept all night and it was wonderful. My morning went sort of like this:

4:40AM woke, ate, went to seminary
7:14 AM returned home, woke son for school and climbed back into bed fully dressed. It's a raining day and perfect for sleeping.
8:04 AM woken from sleep by hubby's phone. Didn't know what it was, but found myself standing by the desk holding it and wondering how I got there. I didn't answer, but crawled back into bed.
8:45 AM woken again from a deep sleep and weird dream when daughter yelled up the stairs that she was ready to leave for school.

Weird dream--I was with lots of my friends sitting in a circle talking about pets. We currently don't have any, but they all had lots. Including a white and black spotted pot belly pig. Then they disappeared and only one couple was left, and we were sitting out in their front yard.

The wife laughed and said her whole family had worms that they caught from their dogs. "Oh, look, there are some now. Don't touch it or you'll get them too."

I look down and my hand in the grass is next to a pile of dog poo with wiggly worms. After freaking out and saying I needed to get my shoes on (because I'm a true southern country girl who rarely wears shoes) my hubby went to get them for me. As he walks back into the room (we are magically inside again), I notice a skunk walking down the hill through the front window. I comment on it.

Hubby laughs, opens the door, and throws my shoes at it! There is also a dog out there chasing it with a Star Wars blanket tied around its neck.

I woke up mad at hubby for throwing my shoes at the skunk.

My big plans for today?
  • Finish the costumes I've been sewing for tomorrows play.
  • Cook my contribution to a huge dinner tonight at church.
  • Take a nap.

What are your plans?

Note: I have no idea why I wasn't sleeping.