Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I've been tagged!

I usually try to ignore or forget about these things, but I'm so happy to have my computer back that I thought I would play. Catherine Stein tagged me last week. She gave me eleven questions to answer. Then I'm supposed to tag 11 others with 11 new questions. I'll be playing my way though, so see the bottom for my twist.

1. What was your favorite novel you read in 2011? Probably the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy--Shiver, Linger, and Forever.
2. Your favorite all-time book? (Can be any genre or age level) This question is SO HARD! I have several books on my shelf that I've read over and over. Beauty by Robin McKinley, Moonwind by Louise Lawrence, and Rilla of Ingleside by LM Montgomery all tie for first!
3. What book character would you like to party with? I honestly have NO IDEA. Is that weird? Maybe its because I believe my idea of "party" might differ from most normal people. I prefer to hover around the table playing board games or just sit in the living room chatting. When it comes down to that I could choose lots of characters. I think Anne (of Green Gables) and I would be kindred spirits. Others I would like to get to know better? All my characters of course! Plus, if hubby could hang with them he might finally "get it". They're all so cool in ways I never was/will be.
4. Do you ever watch TV to study plot format? If so, which show? Not intentionally, but sometimes you can't help but notice things that are brilliant or really bad. I notice it more in movies than TV. Such as: The Poseidon Adventure (bad!) and Surrogates (good). BUT, for TV--Firefly and Lost come to mind.
5. Where was the strangest source you ever got a plot idea from? I should really write these things down shouldn't I? Hm, maybe the weird October day that zillions of tiny gnats were flying in the air so they looked like a high pollen day? I wrote a creepy little flash fiction piece about that day.
6. Funniest character in a novel? Why? Goodness. No one comes to mind. Well, maybe that one maid (the famous cook that put sh** in the chocolate pie?). And yes, I read the book WAY before the movie came out.
7. Which actor/actress would you want to play the lead in your novel? Easy! I would want Emily Deschenel to play Talia and Allison Scagliotti to play Ryanne.

8. Most sympathetic fictional villain? My brain just isn't working today! Its the lack of sleep, but what can I do. No one is coming to mind other than Darth Vader. Is it weird that I feel sympathy for him?
9. Do you prefer fantasy, sci-fi, realistic fiction or a blend. Why? I prefer sci-fi, but do enjoy fantasy elements mixed in. I'm just not a big epic fantasy reader.
10. What place and time would most inspire you to write an historical fiction? Ug, I can't think of anything. I prefer to look to the future.
And yeah, I'm finking on #11.

Now I'm supposed to tag 11 people. I'm going to pick my newest 11 followers so I can get to know them better. Feel free to answer the same 10 questions above and then tell us something unique about you for #11.

Donna Earnhardt--she's from NC like me!
Avadonja of Silk and Stone
Julie Hansen--no link on google friends, how do I find you?
Ashley Nixon--she likes pirates.
Brinda Berry--YA fiction
Kathryn Purdie--writer, actress, and mother!
Amber--Christian writer
Catherine Stine--writes many genres
Sharon Bayliss--another sci-fi fantasy mom
Theresa--another with no link to her blog on google friends, how do I find you?
Stephanie Scott--writer and book reviewer