Monday, March 19, 2012

Up to no good...

Or more like incapable of working/focusing on anything.

I have a short story coming out in the March issue of Apollo's Lyre but no idea when it will come out. I check the site 20 times a day so I can link to it.

Tomorrow they announce the quarter-finalist for ABNA. I am an emotional wreck and I'm not really sure what I hope for.

1. If I'm cut I can move forward with something else exciting. You don't get anything else on that until its official. ;)

2. What a confidence booster it would be to make the top 250 out of the original 5000 entries!

3. If I make it I have to suffer through another long month of waiting where I can barely concentrate on anything.

4. If I make it I know that I'll give in to the "what if I could really win this" trap. We all know how that usually ends up. Only 1 out of 5000 entries will win. The odds are NOT in my favor.

I think I'm going to throw up. Why do we do these things to ourselves? Maybe I need to leave my house--yes. I'll go buy the steam cleaner and lysol spray to help with the new puppy and potty training regime.

Oh, yeah. My sweet hubby did a complete 360 on Friday and we now have a puppy. He went from "we are never getting another dog" on Wednesday, to "C needs a real puppy instead of all those stuffed ones", to buying one on Friday.

Isn't he sweet? Both of them? Anyway, since the puppy looks like an ewok in the face we wanted a name to go along with that, but we couldn't think of any names other than Wicket. So we named him Chewey.

When I asked hubby why he changed his mind he said, "Well, I knew you really wanted one."

Isn't that just the sweetest thing ever? I never make a big deal about it but he still knew how much I've missed our dog from four years ago.