Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dust it Off Bloghop Day 1

Theresa Paolo and Courtney Pearson are hosting this blogfest. Here is the idea:

We've all had those manuscripts that we poured our heart into, fell in love with the characters and still think of them at random, but unfortunately had to shelf. Now it's time for a little spring cleaning. Take out those manuscripts and Dust It Off!

The first day, May 3rd: We want you to post a 1-2 sentence pitch (Great way to practice pitches) about the shelved WIP.

I'm going to share my Nanowrimo 2009 WIP--Draguman. This wip will never see the light of day, but it was a great experiment.

When a young man accidentally binds himself to a dragon, he discovers an endless potential for growth for both species. In an effort to share this joy, he creates a creature that is part dragon and part human, but not even the dragon-kin can accept this abomination.

That really doesn't do it justice and there are some clunky phrases I don't like.

Any suggestions?