Wednesday, May 2, 2012

While I Wait...

No one ever told me that waiting for the next steps after signing a contract could be so hard. You think that once you hear "yes", everything will get easier. Maybe it's because waiting between "No" is no longer a big deal.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't really had to wait long. A total of 20 days passed between me signing the contract and getting it back in the mail. That's a snail mail issue and nothing else.

  • During that time I worried that my contract got lost in the mail.
  • Or exploded in some massive highway pile up between here and there.
  • I worried that WiDo changed their minds and didn't know how to break the news to me.
  • I thought, "Oh, no. I've already proven to them that I'm highly unstable emotionally and they are working to get me committed." No, wait, that's my family.
  • I thought maybe I made the whole thing up. My family accuses me of that all the time because I have conversations in my head and I forget which ones took place in the real world and which ones were imaginary.
Needless to say, when the contract did show up with a nice letter welcoming me to the family, I was RELIEVED! There was also information on my editor and a note to shoot her an email. Which I did as soon as I finished cooking, serving, and eating dinner. See, I can show some self restraint.

She replied the next morning with instructions and I'm so excited to get started. The first round will be a general read on her part with comments on plot and character structure/development. Once we get all the holes filled and things squared away there, we will move to a scene by scene edit.

This is the one I'm excited about. I kept trying to tell myself I needed to do this, but just couldn't muster the energy. Knowing someone will help me has motivated me again.

And finally, we will do the line by line edit. Somewhere in there we will get an idea as to when Sendek will be released. I'm trying to prepare myself for Fall of 2013, but hoping with hard work I might be able to swing an earlier release. However, I have no idea how any of that works and I'm completely willing to leave that up to my new besties.