Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Working with my editor

If you are looking for my "Lightning Flashed" Blogfest entry, you can find it HERE

I have to say that working with an editor has been wonderful so far. Two weeks ago I received my first editor's letter. This was a three page general thoughts on Sendek. It contained a section on The Most Important, Things to Address, and Other Things I Noticed. Each section contained questions that came up as she read, concerns, and some of the things I was doing right.

And you know what? Nothing made me cry! I was prepared to cry, but it looks like those years of hard work paid off. Don't get me wrong, there is still quite a bit of polishing to do, but it's all stuff I'm excited about.

Because of this first letter--and the questions, concerns, and suggestions Amie made--I feel that creative buzz again. Ideas are floating around and solidifying into scenes.

Nothing major is changing. However, I have the opportunity to deepen certain aspects of the story, add some more depth to Talia's character and the stakes throughout her journey. The best part is that most of the places where Amie wanted to know more are things that I already knew the answers to. It's all part of the back story I cut at some point in time.

Now I need to find the right way to sprinkle some of it back in. And that's exciting!

The goal is this:
 Not this:
It's also obvious from the page numbers listed in the letter that I combed through the front half of my book more than the latter half.

What tricks do you use to make sure you edit the back half as well as the front half?

In the future I'm going to try the end to beginning method of revision. This way you have to concentrate on each sentence on it's own because you can't get caught up in the story.