Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Update on The Magic Wakes

I got my new editorial comments on Sunday and it's killing me not to dig in and work on it again. However, I've been making 50s diner booths, writing a mystery dinner game (in the style of those Murder Mystery games), preparing to teach a writing class, preparing to teach a cooking class, pulling pork, quadruple checking my grocery list and baking tons of cinnamon rolls for Girl's Camp next week. My freezer is bursting at the seams and I hope I'm ready.

Funny how knowing you're responsible for feeding 150 people for a week can turn your brain to mush and your nerves to jello. All I can do is hope all my prep work was enough.

But, back to my next round of edits. It's getting so close. There are some easy fixes and some that will require more sucking of marrow from my bones.

I love my editor, Amie. She really knows how to look at the story as a whole and in pieces to ask the hard questions. The lazy side of me groans at trying to figure out the answers, but she's easy to squish (the lazy side of me, not my editor). Mostly I think about how much more depth the answers will bring to my novel.

In the beginning I feared the editing process would kill my love of writing. I read so many accounts of how horrible it was and hard. Some of it IS hard. Luckily, I can see how good it is for me to learn and grow. And the story is BETTER. Every day I get more and more excited that people are going to read it. Knowing this makes it so much easier to put in the time necessary to make sure everything is tied up nicely.

And then...

Oh, yes. By the time I'm wrapping up these edits my kids will go back to school. And then...

*delicious sigh of anticipation*

Then I can rewrite the next book--The Search for Knowledge. 

In other news, when I get back from camp I have the following books to write reviews for:
Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion by Brandon Mull (MG fantasy)
No Good Deed by M. P. McDonald (FBI drama?)
Predator Girl by S. B. Roozenboom (YA Paranormal)

Currently reading: Blood Skies by Steven Montano (Said Military Sci Fi, but I'm getting more of a Paranormal Fantasy vibe)