Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No Writing Time Equals Slightly Crazy

My house is all painted. Almost. I still need to finish all the trim work. A guy came and did some outside repairs yesterday, and my garage looks like a dumping ground.

Yeah, moving is exciting!

I've gained 4 pounds over the last week. It's probably the combination of weird eating schedules, not enough water or sleep, nerves, no exercise, and when I do eat my preference is ice cream or granola loaded with chocolate.

I NEED these
The worst part is my mind is falling apart. Writing time is my time to organize my thoughts. Sure, I put my stuff on my characters, but that's what I call therapy. Let's just say I'm in dire need of some of that! The whole time I've been painting I've been trying to work out some details of the next book with Talia. Unfortunately, I haven't written any of it down and now I can't remember what I decided.

Then there's Fade Into Me. I still think it's the story that will catch me an agent. If I ever finish it. Dog gone it! I'm a stay at home mom. With all my kids in school. Where's all my writing time?

Soon. Soon.

Since I'm not writing at the moment, tell me about your success stories. What are you working on and how's it going?