Monday, October 8, 2012

Painting Amazon Purple

On Friday I was busy priming rooms to be painted over the weekend, and desperately needing something to make me smile. A dear friend provided that a little before lunch time.

The phone rings and I answer:

Kathy: Guess what I just did?
Me thinking: You live in Utah, how in the world would I know what you just did?--yes, I'm short like that when I'm tired. The good thing is I keep it inside. Most of the time. ;)
Me out loud: What?
Kathy: I just bought your book!
Me: What? How?
Kathy: You said it was searchable on Amazon and when I looked I could pre-order. So I did. I bought two. One for me and one to share!

Bring on the tears again! That makes me official in my mind. Someone has put down money for my book. Holy cow!

Then, being the good friend she is, she sent me a copy of the confirmation email.

It's so exciting for me to hear how much other people are looking forward to my book coming out. Granted, Kathy was one of my very first beta readers back in 2009. We would go for walks with our kids and talk about ways to improve the story.

She said on the call, "It's like I've watched it from the time it was a baby! I can't wait to see it all grown up."

Yes, by far the best moment of the weekend.