Wednesday, February 6, 2013

IWSG and The Magic Wakes Blog Tour Day 2

Day 2 Stops:

Michael Offutt--Getting to Know Talia Zaryn
Cami Checketts--Book Review
Elizabeth Poole--Author Interview

Please visit their blogs today and say hi.

My first IWSG post was full of insecurities so this month my goal is a more positive approach. Here are some of the good things that have happened to me this month in relation to my writing.
  • In January I received my bookmarks. They are so pretty and SHINY! At first I was just "happy", but about an hour after I opened them I headed to the post office to mail some to my mom. There I was, driving down the street, in tears. I don't know what it was, but suddenly it hit me that this was real. My book was going to be out in the world very soon. I felt this overwhelming love and gratitude for a loving Heavenly Father who cared for my desire to be published enough to make it come true. Most people would think a dream like that is too silly for a matter of prayer. However, I know that because it was important to ME, it was important to HIM.
  • My good friend Laura called me for one purpose--to tell me to stop worrying about my writing or The Magic Wakes. She had been reading it and was surprised at how smooth it read. The last time she read my book was about 2 years ago and she could see how much my writing had improved. Her words were, "It went from a story my friend wrote to a real writer's book." 
  • Another friend called to talk to me about the finished product. She also read it about 2 years ago and loved the changes and additions to the story line. It was so amazing to hear Kathy point out the things she liked the best. Several times she would say something that surprised me and all I could do was say, "Yeah, of course I planned it that way." I guess the instincts of a reader really did come through in my writing. 
  • I got my dream location for my release party. It will be in Charlotte, NC with all the people who held my hand while I wrote. For anyone close to the area, you can learn more about when and where HERE.
  • Reviews are starting to trickle in and so far they've been positive or helpful. I know this won't always be the case, but it's a good way to start. 
  • Finally, my book went live on Kindle for a short pre-print release special of $1.99. My friends and family are buying it! The funny thing is I never thought about people I know reading my book. It brings a different sort of insecurity that I know is pointless. These are my friends. The people who are proud of me and happy that I followed my heart and chased this dream.
By focusing on the good feedback and support in our lives we can handle our writing anxieties better.
What positive things happened to you this month?