Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Start of The Magic Wakes Blog Tour!

Today is the day! The Magic Wakes Blog Tour is underway.

Do you know what this means???

The Magic Wakes will be available to anyone who finds it in just 2 weeks!

Today's Stops
Cindy Borgne—Amethyst and Why It’s Important in the Novel + book trailer
Vanna Smythe--author interview

Please swing by and check out these wonderful ladies blogs. They were so sweet to host me and who knows, you may find a new blog to enjoy!

In other news...

I've signed up to participate in the April A to Z Challenge (blog). If you have somehow managed not to hear about his blogging extravaganza, CLICK HERE to learn all about it. Usually I just enjoy reading everyone else's posts, however, Alex Cavanaugh warned me to stay busy after my blog tour and book is released. What better way to do that than the challenge?

I've chosen my theme and started drafting my posts. My goal is to write all of them before April so I can spend my blogging time visiting other blogs in the list.