Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Gneledar

Gneledar is Talia's hometown. And it's still giving me fits! If it seems a bit "off" or under developed it's due in part to the history fluctuation during story development. Originally it was a village, not a city. When Sendek took a leap forward time-wise, I knew Gneledar needed to grow up too. But I also needed it to retain its slightly backward superstitious nature because it contributed to Talia's development.

And yes, you can read that last sentence as laziness on my part. But I didn't plan on us spending much time in Gneledar anyway, so why develop it?

Back to this post...Why would a technological society hold onto superstition? I finally worked it all out in my mind but none of it made it into the final draft of the novel. Here are a few tidbits for the curious.
Chris Beaumont 2012
Click to enlarge and see the city

1. Geographical
Gneledar is an isolated valley on the eastern edge of Algodova. Surrounded by mountains, the most notable being Riyou and Gair, it escaped Royalist attention for hundreds of years. The people lived simple lives, happily oblivious to the rest of Sendek. They farmed, fished the streams, lived and died. Life was hard and the population never grew large enough to push them out of the valley.

When the Royalist arrived there was a brief time when Gneledar tried to defend themselves, but they were out classed on every level. The invading army conquered with as little death as possible and then brought in advancements like the metabolizer and better health care. The city grew and the people prospered with very little effort on their part. Even in Talia's time, most people just accept the situation because life is good. Does it matter how it works as long as it works?

2. Historical
The valley of Gneledar has a rich magical history. In fact, Riyou and Gair were the summer home of the green dragon clan anciently. Elvin was born and raised there, and when he created the Dragumon he brought them there. The creatures of Talia's dreams swam in the same river she did and hunted in her very own trees.

That magical history soaked into the earth and wildlife. Perhaps this is why several direct descendants of Elvin were born there--there is a reference to at least one other in TMW. A boy who changed the course of the river.

And now, my question for you comes from the fact that I never lived in one place very long growing up.

What is the thing you love most about your hometown?