Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for History and Hope

We started talking about history yesterday. Even when we forget, it affects our future. In the case of Sendek as a whole, history is the reason for the story. In the distant past a young boy with magical potential found a dragon egg and the course of history took a drastic turn for multiple planets. His good intentions would lead to death tolls too great to be numbered.

I know I'm being vague again, but Elvin's novella is almost complete and waiting for revisions. No need to spoil it for you. ;)

If history has such an impact on us, what keeps us striving for a better future?


Hope that we can correct mistakes from the past while learning from them in order to prevent future mistakes. If nothing else, history teaches us that we all have to make choices. Choices that will send out waves of consequences. Without the hope that some of those waves will be positive, we would lock ourselves away and never do anything.

Talia and Landry are, in their own way, a bit of history repeating itself. But you'll have to wait and read all four of the books to see how.

Although fear is one of the driving forces in Talia's life, so is hope. Why search for answeres unless she hopes to find a way to live through the invasion? Why take the chance on trusting Landry and let him in her life unless there is the hope that he will accept and love her?

How are you a product of history? 
What is it you hope for in your future?