Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pizza Quiche and Snow Days

Yes, there is supposed to be a road there.
Are you close to giving up on me?

I know I've been really quiet and not reliable about posting since the beginning of November. The truth is I can't think of much to post about. Life is moving on in its normal fashion and my biggest goal is to concentrate. On something. Anything.

I'd like it to be writing.

Looking for a place to "go"
Which means any free time I get I'm staring at my document willing myself to write the next scene. It's so hard! I want to go back to the beginning and make the changes I decided on during that long drive home after Thanksgiving. BUT, I know if I do that I'll start editing, revising and generally putting off getting to the end of this story.

I've set the goal of writing 5 new pages every day. It's not much, but my kids have been out of school since last Thursday due to snow and ice, so it's better than nothing. I'm also allowing myself to edit 5 pages a day in the hopes I'll satisfy that craving and still keep writing. The deal is I have to write the new pages before I can edit. It's working out pretty well.

This is what the neighborhood kids did for 5 days straight. Yes, that is my solid ice driveway.

Icicle from our house
My hubby also reached his 12 foot goal. In three weeks time he managed to "swap up" our 7.5 food Christmas tree to a 9.5 foot tree for $0. He then sold that tree and bought a 12 foot tree. Total cost? $25 out of pocket. Not bad. Not bad at all.

The only problem with this tree, other than we have to get out the BIG ladder to decorate it, is that most of the lights didn't work. Hubby was very disappointed but realized it would still be cheaper to keep this tree and buy more lights. I suggested we don't buy lights until after Christmas when they all go on sale. Yes, I'm cheap. Anyway, I then pulled out our big Charlie Brown lights that usually go on our house. They aren't up for two reasons-- 1. our roof is too steep for either of us to feel comfortable up there, and 2. It snowed like crazy before we could convince ourselves to pay someone else to do it.  

Are you wondering about that pizza quiche? It's my favorite pie ever. No one else in my family likes quiche so it was my attempt to get them to try it. Standard recipe, but you use sausage and pepperoni for the meat and a blend of cheeses. It's so yummy. I made one earlier in the week and have been living off it. Sadly it's now gone. *sigh*

Next week will be my week over at Unicorn Bell and I've decided to do photo prompts or "fill in the caption".

Have you seen any amazing photos in the last week that I should take a look at before choosing? Just share the link below.



  1. You should hear us around these parts. We've been whining about how cold it is. Followed up by, we have nothing to complain about.

    Hope you thaw out soon.

  2. That's a tall tree...
    The writing-editing plan sounds good. And if you can do it while surrounded by bored children, that's a plus.

  3. Love tall trees. Question: does the fireplace work or is it for show? Did the power go out during/after the ice storm? Did you use the 55 gallon drums? *snicker*

    A link for a
    *patting my pockets*

    1. The fireplace does work, thank goodness. Wish it was wood instead of gas though. We managed to keep our power and didn't need to use the 55 gallon drum. :) It still needs to be a priority on my soon as we do thaw out.

      I found some cute puppies and kitties.

  4. That's a huge tree. My tree in my apartment is powered by a USB port and stands 3 inches tall on my computer desk.

  5. The pizza quiche sounds divine. Lovely tree, that thing is more than double my height. Glad you're writing and keep to it Charity.

  6. Kids home for 5 days! It's a wonder you could even write your blog. Love the pictures.

  7. Oh, I miss snow now! That looks like a lovely tree, by the way, and sounds like a good time too!


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