Friday, March 28, 2014

Querying, A to Z Who? and Other Stuff

And what a week it was! Sorry I didn't post on my regular schedule, but here's what this week held for me.
  • Querying
  • Writing A to Z posts
  • Spring Break
  • High School Short Story Contest
First off, I sent out two query letters on Monday. Originally I planned to wait until after LDStorymakers at the end of April. The plan was to use my pitch session to try out my query letter and get some valuable feedback before jumping in.

I'm not a super patient person. April was taking WAY too long to get here! So, I picked two of my favorite agents--well, honestly they are all my favorite, especially if they say yes. One of those agents requested the full thirty minutes later! I seriously almost fell out of my chair. I don't think anyone ever requested a full of Magic Wakes. Granted, I know who my target audience is with this book and I think it shows in the query and writing.

After spring break I'll send out a few more. :)

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge starts next week and I've only scheduled my posts through the letter K. Originally my kids said they wanted to help write the posts. Well, I've waited, asked, pleaded and begged but they have officially bailed on me. Oh, well. It was worth the try. My topic? Chosen with my children---

Doctor Who

Ten, Eleven, Nine

Our spring break has been sadly very boring. We got caught up on some much needed sleep only  to stay up late watching corny movies like Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid. Yep, we love watching this kind of stuff as a family because its more fun to laugh together.

I did get a dining room table. Almost 18 years of married life and I finally have a formal dining room. Now to plan a party!

The poster for Anacondas fits how I feel every day after only an hour of reading these stories. There hasn't been that AMAZING story yet, but I've still got a lot to wade through. Here are the end of week stats.

Pages read--207
Stories read--100
Stores about death/suicide/murder/war--40
1 story about Slender Man
1 Hunger Games Fan Fiction

Biggest pet peeve of the week--someone used "are" for "our" throughout their story.