Monday, May 5, 2014

LDStorymakers 2014 Writer's Conference

The conference was wonderful! Two full days of hanging with people that have the same mental issues I do--who could have asked for anything better? By the end of the weekend my brain was stuffed full and I just wanted time to process. I think I'm still processing. However, it's been a week and  it's time to start writing again too.

Here is a brief photo recounting of the trip. I really should have taken more pictures, but I chose to just enjoy everything instead of worrying about photo documenting. Now I'm wishing I'd thought that through a bit better.

 On the flight to Utah from Arkansas, via LA. I worked on my pitch, started a short story for next week's genre wars blogfest on UB, outlined a bit on my next YA story, and enjoyed the view.  
 This was the "upgrade" from the economy car I rented. My 11 year old was jealous that I got to drive this around for several days. I told him it was just to and from point A to point B, but he didn't care. I quite enjoyed it by the end, but it didn't have great pick up and go--and parking it was quite different from my van.
 The Friday night keynote speaker was Orson Scott Card. There was a lot of talk on how his speech wasn't what most of the attendees expected. It was pretty close to what I knew about him and maybe that's why I was able to enjoy it. Sometime soon I'll give a recap of the highlights for you. 
 And yes, I really was as tired as I look in this picture. LOL
This was the book signing event at the end of the day on Saturday. Next year I'm going to participate. Maybe. Eh, I've got a year to think about it, right? I enjoyed getting the books I bought signed this year as well as the general excitement of the room.
I ran into lots of my online friends, and for some reason or other I just didn't think of taking pictures. Sorry! Michael here was a new friend that Tamara and I met at dinner Friday night. He managed to roll with our off the wall joking and even gave in to eat Tamara's rice when his meal still hadn't shown up by the time we were almost done eating. Bless his sweet wife for letting him come to the conference while they were in the middle of the second move in 8 months--and she had a new baby less than 8 months old!
The last thing I did Saturday was go to dinner with my buddy Tamara Hart Heiner. She lives in Arkansas and I see her weekly, but it's always nice to hang out with her. We checked out a local restaurant with live music and a salsa bar. It was SOOO good!

By the end of the conference I was more than ready to come home. And in spite of the random moments when I wanted to toss all my manuscripts and start over, I feel like I'm ready to dig in again and become that writer I want to be.

Come back Wednesday for the pitch recap. 

Have you ever been to a writer's conference? What was your favorite part?
Someone asked me that and I honestly can't say. I loved all of it! The people, the classes, being me and not mom, everything.