Monday, November 24, 2014

How I Miss You Blogfest

I almost forgot about this! The blogfest is hosted by:
Andrew Leon 
Alex J. Cavanaugh 
Matthew MacNish 

List one to three bloggers you really miss.
List one to three bloggers you would really miss if they stopped blogging.
And then go let them know!

It's hard to choose three that I miss simply because I feel like I've lost touch with everyone I started out with. In the beginning I did a great job reading other blogs and commenting. Friendships were made and I miss those conversations. So, here are the three people I miss talking with all the time along with their blogs and if they are active or not.

Mia Hayson over at My Literary Jam & Toast. I love her quirky sense of humor and how when we talk she keeps me young. She's one of my friends across the pond that I really hope to visit some day. Mia is still actively blogging. I've just become a lame friend. :( check her out when you get a chance!

Christi Goddard from A Torch in the Tempest. Does anyone know if she switched to a new blog? She wrote this great book called Four in the Morning. Her writing, her blog, the conversations we had were just so REAL.

Amber Tidd Murphy from Musings of Amber Murphy. We were both starting out as writers, but she was also starting the journey called motherhood. She had a great sense of humor and was another person who said it the way it was. I'm hoping she's enjoying life as a mom but still writing when she can.

As for the people I'd miss now if they quit...

Alex Cavanaugh. I don't do a great job commenting on his blog, but I know I can go there and find out what's going on in the lives of other writers. See what books are coming out and read about the exciting events in my peers lives. He's sort of replaced Google Reader for me. :) Plus, he's everywhere! How could you not notice his absence?

CD Coffelt. Over the years she's become one of my dearest blogger friends. Once again, I'm not great about commenting on her blog. But we email and text and somehow help each other get through the crazies. I do miss doing stupid stuff to make her husband laugh. I need to get back to that. ;)

Janice Hardy. We used to talk a lot, but now I just surf her great blog for writers when I need help. Fiction University is a great place for new writers and seasoned writers stretching for the next level in their development.

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