Sunday, August 28, 2011

Running and Writing

Let's talk running first.
Not me...yet!
On Saturday I headed out bright and early for a 14 mile run with my best friend. There are some things you just can't do by yourself, or more accurately WON'T do by yourself. Running 14 miles is one of those things for me. However, chugging uphill the last four miles (all up BTW), my friend was right in front of me. I kept my eyes on her back and somehow kept moving. There were times I slowed to a walk during the last four miles, but I picked my feet up because I had to get home one way or the other.

Writing is a lot like this for me. I love the blogging community and how we collaborate to improve our writing. I know I would not revise/edit as many times as I do without my wonderful critique partners.

When I'm tired and ready to give up, someone always gives me a kick or shove and says, "You can do this, keep going!"

There have been moments over the past two years where writers in front of me caught agents or sold and released their debut novels. My iPod might have been playing This Song (embedded at bottom) by the Plain White T's (it did play on that uphill climb Saturday and I was sending dark thoughts Laura's way for not letting me quit). I might have thought for half a moment it was about them, but after that moment passed I could say that I'm really grateful for those in front of me. They are the proof that if I keep writing, revising, starting over (picking my feet up over and over), one day I'll reach my goal.

So...This weekend I worked through the first fifty pages of Sendek...again. (I also worked on some short stories.)

I finally let go of the last hold out 'thing'. I don't know what to call it really, but for years I've clutched my 1st person POV for Talia close, even though my 3rd person POV reads smoother. No longer! This last revision before hiring an editor will change all those 1st person sections to 3rd person.

I have to be honest and say I'm really excited about it. The change is simple, but the results so far have astounded me. What if this is the only thing that's been holding me back?

Who is your best cheerleader? Who gives you that kick in the backside to get moving again?

I have so very many that I can't list them all. Suffice it to say that my best writing kick in the pantsers (<--pantsers!) are friends I've made through blogging. Not my family. There are certain people who read my stuff, give honest critiques, and send me emails that say "you need a kick in the pants!" I hope you guys/gals know who you are and how much I appreciate you.