Monday, January 9, 2012

Birth of a Novel January 9th

I should be hanging my head in shame. There is no progress to report on Faerie Wings or To Win the Game. I did however redecorate my living room. Although, that was only one day out of the week. We bought new couches and painted. Everything else still worked with the new design. Yay!
Most of the week was spent cleaning or enjoying the beautiful weather we had in North Carolina. The week started really cold and then perked up to a balmy mid 60s for several days. There was no way I was staying inside during such lovely weather. I carried my digital recorder with me and made some notes as ideas popped into my head for either novel.

I also played a bit with the Dragon software. One of these days I'll get around to posting about that, but I need to learn more before then. The day I played with it, I actually wrote a scene from Battle for Sendek (book 3 in the series). The other project I worked on was my short story Fallen Angels. It's almost ready to submit. :)

Wow! I guess I actually did get some writing done last week.

I also created a new website for homeschool cooking classes because I got a phone call about it. The lady was supposed to email me the details for the homeschool fair but I haven't heard back from her. I'm ready when she does though. If you're mildly curious THIS is what I do to earn some extra cash at times.

And finally, I worked some more on my new website. I'm considering switching to wordpress. It has some nice features, but it's taking some getting used to. I like the control that I have over the pages and the ability to create drop down menus.  It just seems easier to get organized and have areas for specific projects. But its easier (for me) to personalize the backgrounds here on blogger.

My biggest concern is will my followers move over there with me? For January I'm going to post here and there. Does anyone know if/how I can just reassign the link to this page to that page?

Anyway, the new website is more novel oriented in address at least--The Sendek Saga

How did your writing week go?