Friday, February 10, 2012

Critique Partner Blogfest

Today starts a weeks worth of amazing blogfests. I'll try and keep a running tab of links at the top of each so the different blog participants can find the one they're looking for.

First up is Loralie's Critique Partner blogfest. Follow the link to find the other posts. At first I wasn't going to do this because I don't have a finished novel ready for critiquing. But I will. And that's why I decided to join up. Maybe there will be someone else who needs emails asking, "Hey where's the next few chapter?"

Anyway, here are my answers to some suggested questions from Loralie to help in our search for a critique partner.

  • Genre: YA contemporary fantasy
  • Title: Faerie Wings
  • Current status: 34K rough draft, 2/3 complete. The first chapter has been rewritten and I'm working through the rest before finishing the story. I got a bit off track with my focus and am fixing it.
  • Feedback needed:  General thoughts. Is the story line smooth and easy to follow. Does the voice match that of a 17-18 year old? Highlight the things you really like, anything that takes you out of the story, questions you have as you read (these help me the most because then I can see if you are asking the right questions in the right places), did I start in the right place (this is debatable even now), is the end satisfying, any unanswered questions that bug you. That kind of thing. I don't need a line edit because what I send will not be the final draft. And probably loaded with passive and -ly words.
  • The Pitch
    Everything you’ve ever heard about faeries is a lie.
    Lies they told to keep us from learning the truth.
    What is the truth?
    They live among us, sentenced to watch over and nurture their greatest mistake.
    Ryanne Killian doesn’t believe in faerie tales, and yet all the eyes of the Fae are watching her–hoping she will be the one to set them free.

    • The first 500 words: I actually don't have access to my computer at the moment (it's being repaired), and my hubby's computer is so old it won't recognize the external hard drive when I plug it in. So, here is the first 250 words or so that I posted on a webpage (see tab at the top) I created for this idea. (Come back tomorrow for another snippet from this novel for the YAmore blogfest.
    “If I do this, you’re going to owe me big time.” I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and stared at Kevin. He stood on my porch in his letterman's jacket looking like the all-American homecoming god without a clue.

    “I knew I could count on you, Ry.” He slapped me on the shoulder like one of the guys and headed down the steps.

    “I still think it’s stupid. A girl shouldn’t be best man!” I yelled from the door as Kevin reached his car.

    “But you’re my best friend. I’ll have Jessie call you. And don’t forget, it’s right after graduation.”

    “How could I forget that?” I mumbled and he drove away.

    What an idiot. Did he even know I was a girl? I was going to be the laughing stock of our graduating class, but it didn’t really matter. I would do anything he asked. I always had. Look what it got me. Best Man at his wedding. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he was marrying Jessie. The cliche cheer-leading Barbie wanna-be.