Friday, February 10, 2012

That's YAmore Blogfest

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Today is another blogfest. This one is the "That's YAmore Blogfest" hosted by Oasis for YA. Follow the link to see the rules and find the other participants.

We are supposed to share a scene of true love. I chose the following snippet from Faerie Wings for two reasons:
  1. It shows what a wise and kind person Carter is. All he wants is to make Ry happy, help her see the good things she already has in her life.
  2. I love the idea that true love doesn't always have to be romantic. Often the truest love that is given to us is by the members of our family. The ones we take for granted far too often.
 Okay, set up? They are taking a hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley, and Carter asked Ry if she believes in true love.
“Carter, my life has taught me love doesn’t conquer all. I loved my parents. Begged them to stay with me, but it wasn’t enough. They only cared about themselves and they left me behind.”

The knot in my chest twisted tighter. Mom hovered in my mind's eye, waving good-bye to dad without a single tear. Her only words to me that night had been along the lines that sometimes leaving is best for everyone. She didn't bother warning us before she left a few months later.

"How do you walk away from your own daughters?" I wiped at the tears that spilled down my cheeks.

Carter eased me down to the floor of the basket and found a napkin for my nose. He let me cry, stroking my arm or back the whole time. When I calmed down he squeezed my hand.

“My sweet Ryanne. So much pain locked inside. Don’t forget that Heather stayed with you. That’s true love too.”

He was right. All these years I’d only held on to the hurt, forgetting that Heather could have left me too. Instead she fought to keep custody of me. She put off college and worked to pay the bills until I could get a job and help too. My parents might be selfish flakes, but Heather wasn’t like them. I squeezed his hand back.

“Why couldn’t I see that on my own? Thank you.”

“That’s why I’m here.” He touched my face with his thumb and wiped away a tear. “Now, how about some food?”