Thursday, February 18, 2016

Novel Help Needed

In spite of the emotionally draining family problems I'm dealing with, I've managed to finish edits with my publisher. My editor has asked me to do one final read through since the last accepting of changes.

Have you ever been so sick of reading your own book that you're afraid you'll miss everything that's wrong with it?

Yeah, I'm there. Anyway, maybe one more read through will help me with my last two tasks.
1. Back jacket blurb
2. A new title

Ug! I hate coming up with titles. Hate, hate, hate it! However, it must be done. I need to find something that will catch readers attention, reflect something about the book or series as a whole, and match the first title if possible. Or at least fit in with it.

Today, I'd like your help with task #1. I'll post what I sent to my editor. She'd like me to make this a little longer. Yeah, I've NEVER heard that before. I'm sort of in shock. Normally I rattle on forever, kind of like now...

Anyway, please share your thoughts. The good, the bad, and the ugly. What do you like? What's confusing? What do you want to know more about?

Working Title: Search for Knowledge
Genre: Science Fantasy
Word Count: 77K

The Dragumon have been defeated, but Sendek will never be the same. Lines are being drawn between those who can work magic and those who can’t. Talia and Landry Sutton have a plan, create a Mage Council to govern the use of magic. They hope it will keep the peace long enough for them to travel to Orek and learn how Jaron’s world successfully combined magic and science.

Talia hasn’t dreamed for months, but on the eve of leaving for Orek her nightmares return. She knows they must go. However, if they do, she could lose what matters most—Landry.

And finally, here are some of my ideas for possible new titles. Thoughts? Do any jump out at you? Why?

There are four planned books in this series:
Book 1--The Magic Wakes (Wido Publishing, 2013)
Book 2--formerly Search for Knowledge needs new title
Book 3--Planned name--Demon Rising
Book 4--Planned name--Dragon's Birth

Options for book 2
Mage Deliverance--reflects more on the situation on Orek than Sendek (the two planets in book 2) and might be a bit of a stretch
Magic Restrained--probably my favorite
Secrets of the Mountain
Inciting the Mage
Illusions of Peace
The Dragon's Oracle (growing on me)